The 62 Group is a group of textile artists which was established in 1962. Their website showcases work from each of their members. They generally have one major exhibition each year and their current exhibition is called Bending the Line.

The Textile Study Group is a diverse group of well-qualified, nationally and internationally renowned textile artists and tutors, who have established a reputation for excellence. Its members include Jean Draper and Dorothy Tucker. Their website showcases work from each of thier members.

Art of the Stitch is a major biennial exhibition of contemporary textile art. The pieces exhibited are chosen by a panel. "An unprecedented total of 944 entries by 608 artists from 37 different countries were received for art of the STITCH 2008/9, highlighting the continued and ever increasing popularity of stitch around the world. From these 56 works were selected by an international panel."

Edge is a group which promotes excellence in textiles, by artists based in Scotland.

FIBRE ART WALESwas founded in 1999 by a group of professional artists working with fibre and/or related techniques. The group exists to promote their professional interests and stimulate public interest in new developments in this area of the visual arts.

Studio 21 was formed in 1997, and is composed of seventeen textile artists who bring together a creative and innovative mix of media and stitched textiles.

Shuna Rendel

Shuna Rendel is a textile artist and sculptor who uses a mixture of flexible and rigid forms as well as soft and hard materials to create her work. She uses textile techniques such as embroidery and netted and linked structures as well as surfaces to create emphasis and tension to build a form. Rendel is a member of the 62 group and her inspiration comes from all over the world.
“I am also experimenting with the shrinking qualities of papers from plant fibres and their potential for creating flexible forms which I can manipulate. New tensions and contrasts are emerging.”
By Annie Green


Sian Martin

Sian Martin is a member of the Practical Study Group and also a member of the 62 Group.
Free Range by Sian Martin

Sarah Strachan Johnson

Sarah Strachan Johnson is a mixed media textile artist.

Audrey Walker M.B.E.

Audrey Walker is a member of the 62 Group and work in collections around the world. The Victoria and Albert Museum have recorded an interview with Audrey Walker where she describes her backgound and inspirations.

Audrey Walker

Audrey Walker was Head of the Textile Department of Goldsmiths College, London during her teaching career and has exhibited widely.
For more information:

Louise Baldwin

external image louisebaldwin1.jpg
"often it is only in retrospect, on reflection that the connection between these sources and their resonance becomes clear."

Louise Baldwin creates collaged wall hangings using hand and machine stitching. For her latest exhibit Life is Strange and Difficult and Funny... she uses objects and packaging found around her home alongside fabric to represent the hectic lifestyle she lives in. Baldwins creative process is not pre-planned, instead she works directly with her materials, and building up imagery as she goes along.

Jean Draper

Pieced cottons and silks, dense hand stitching in Mulberry silk and cotton perle to give a three-dimensional structure to the surface

Jean trained at Stafford College of Art and London University of Education. Widely experienced, she has worked in a free-lance capacity since retiring early from her post as a senior lecturer in textiles on a B.Ed. degree course. She is a former national Chairman of the Embroiderers' Guild. In her teaching, Jean is committed to helping students gain confidence and develop their own personal style in stitched textiles. Jean has been a member of the Textile Study Group and the 62 Group for many years. Her work is in public and private collections in this country and overseas.

Interview with Jean Draper
Textile study group with Jean Draper

Added By Julian Wogman

Hollie Caley

Hollie Caley is a recent graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University where she explored a range of 2D and 3D textiles. her style is feminine and combines a painterly style with traditional embroidery techniques.

Embroidered silk organza and paper cup cakes
Embroidered silk organza and paper cup cakes

Jan Beaney

Caroline Kirton

Kirton's work has developed from snap shots teenage life. It is an observation of her relationship with her daughters as they progress through their teenage years, and considers how this relationship is always evolving. Her work is also concerned with the issues of control and how young people often feel they have no real control over their lives because of parental and official boundaries.
But I need it!
But I need it!

Jean Littlejohn

Ruth Issett

Sue Lawty

Sarah Burgess

Sarah creates prodominately mixed media pieces but with a limited range of materials. As we can see from the image below burgess also contrasts fragile aspects of her work with much stronger more dominating images, this is reinforced with use of colour shown behind, the two i think seem to contrast well. Recently though, Burgess has focused on working with hands and gloves as shown below.She has worked with original old glove makers in Hyde and includes their stories and artefacts from the glove industry, into her work. Sarah burgess's work often also includes words. She does a lot of 3D work , drawing, installation pieces , printing and public art. Burgess mainly uses glass, paper and differnent textiles in her works.

external image Burgess-Sarah_lg.jpg

Michael Brennand Wood

Micheal Brennand Wood is a wood visual artist, curator, lecturer, arts consultant. A defining characteristic of his work has been his exploration with of three dimensional line, structure and pattern. Michael Brennand Wood believes that the most innovative contemporary textiles emanate from a good understanding of both textile techniques and history. He has explored and developed his own techniques inventing many new and imaginative ways of integrating textiles with other media. His recent work was inspired by floral imagery and he has used computerised machine embroidery, acrylic paint, wood, glass and homage. Anna Choutova
external image new1.jpg

Tilleke Schwarz

Amarjeet Nandhra

Sandra Meech

Shuna Rendel

Clyde Olliver

Jae Maries

Janet Ledsham

Paddy Killer

Rachel Howard

Ann Goddard

Dawn Dupree

Hilary Bower

Jeanette Appleton

Caroline Bartlett

Bethan Ash- Quilt Artist

Bethan Ash was an fashion design until she discovered quilt making. Bethan Ash based her work around traditional quilt making. Most of her quilts are spatial relationships and colour. In the last twenty years Bethan Ash has won international awards for her work. Bethan Ash has made some amazing quilts. Hear are two of my favorit quilts by Bethan Ash:

This is Cutting the Carbs. I really like this quilt because there's so much going on in it, there's never a time to have a break.
Also there's so many colours and images that you can look at it for ages and not get board.

Hear is a link, to find out more about Bethan Ash-Textile Artists


By Catrin George-Carey

Betty Fraser Myerscough

Michelle Griffiths

Jill Flower

Jill flower is a textiles artist specialising in embroidery. She has had an interest in stitch than spans over 20 years and in her last degree course began to focus on lace and edging. Her most famous work uses recycled paper to create several large elizabethan inspired collers. The scrap paper in these collers had a theme of age, for example in her 'childrens' coller' she used old beano comics. Her graduating piece was another elizabethan coller containing recycled paper from shakespeares' 'seven ages of man speech' extracted from the play 'As you like it'.gallerymanruff2.jpg

Allison Willoughby

Dionne Swift

Margo Selby

James Hunting

Yoshiko Wada

Morwenna Catt

Sheila Hicks

Ineke Berlyn

Alicia Merrett

Susan Macarthur

Laura Kemshall

Linda Kemshall

Frances Pickering

Peter Collingwood

Nancy Crow

Joan Schulze

Alice Kettle

Daniel and the Lioness 2006

Alice Kettle has trained as a painter and represented her work in international collections that has recently been about textile/fiber art, which is based in the UK where she has shown a unique skills of practice which her skill has also been use in craft medium, consistently and on an unparalleled scale.

She has provided her work with individual tiny stitches, which combine to form great swathes of colour, painterly backgrounds incorporating rich hues and metallic sheen.

By Joelle Selt

Nancy Crow


Nancy Crow, Color Blocks #22, 1992

Nancy Crow is an artist that specialises in quilt making. She has made over 300 quilts. The purpose of her quilts is to make something beautiful for herself but at the same time she feels that they represent her deepest feelings and her life experiences. Also her quilts are are all about how she sees colour and colour relationships. Her quilts are also about complexity, sadness, and hope. This is shown through the colour she uses, shapes and movements. Crow's style of quilt making is contemporary and the quilts are traditional, only in that they are pieced and hand-quilted. The colours Crow uses are hand-dyed.
The image above is a Nancy Crow quilt. It was made in 1992. There are some lighter shades and some darker shades of different colours. The shapes are all the same - (squares) and there is a little movement in this. It is hard to understand Nacy's feelings by looking at this particular piece because of the mixture of colours used.
For more information on Nancy Crow: http://www.nancycrow.com/
By Khushboo Wadhwani

Carol Naylor

Chris Weinhart, origami artist

Origami key made by ted darwin using chris weinert's instructions