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Bernina make a selection of specialist feet to help with the stitching of decoration and manipulatiuon of fabric. Click on the Bernina logo above to see the range of feet that they make. The feet that are available to you in class as listed below. If you would like to add a foot to the collection please let me know.

Pintuck Foot 30
Click on the image to see a video of the foot being used.

Pintuck Foot 30 #30/31

Bernina's pintuck feet make it a breeze to sew exactly parallel rows of tucks, from the most delicate look in fine fabrics to raised, corded tucks in heavier fabrics.

  • Foot #31 is well suited for pintucking in medium weight fabrics, couching medium weight cords and yarns, and faggotting
  • The five precisely spaced grooves in the sole of the foot help guide each row of stitching by using the previous row as a guide
  • A seam guide can be inserted in the back of the foot for widely spaced tucks
  • Use the unique cord guiding hole in the needle plate of your Bernina® to produce corded pintucks effortlessly
  • Best used with a double needle up to 3mm
  • Remember to activate your double needle limitation on your machine
  • For heavy fabrics, consider the use of Foot #30
  • For fine to medium weight fabrics, consider the use of Foot #32
  • For very fine fabrics, consider the use of Foot #33.

Cording Foot 22
Click on the image to see a video of the foot being used.

Cording foot #22/25

  • Add texture and surface detail to all types of fabrics by sewing on cord, wool and thick fabrics.
  • This foot is uniquely designed to guide the strands being couched while making it easy to insert the strands into the foot
  • A swing-out spring blade is mounted on top of the grooves. Swing the blade open and you have free access to the grooves. Simply close the blade and you are ready to sew.
  • A special slit on the side of the foot further facilitates the insertion of the strands
  • The three grooves in Foot #22 are larger (compared to Foot #25) to accommodate thicker threads, yarns or cords
  • For finer threads, yarns or cords, consider the use of Foot #25 (Cording Foot – 5 grooves).

Tailor Tacking Foot
Click on the image to see a video of the foot being used.

Tailor Tack Foot #7

The ridge causes loops to be formed when the zigzag stitch is used. Especially suitable for tailor-tacking. Further uses: fagotting (imitation hemstitch), fringe and terrycloth embroidery, etc.