Unit 1 (Coursework) will introduce to the Textile Design Syllabus. You will learn how to observe and record the world around you, take inspiration from other's work and make a design textile items. You will be expected to attend all of your textiles lessons and complete all work set during the lessons.

Your homework will be set weekly and you will expected to spend at least 3 hours a week on your homework tasks. It is a good ideas to visit exhibitions and galleries which will inform your textile and art work. Your homework tasks for each week can be seen here.
Your first brief is Colour and it will be the theme used to explore design and technique until Feb 2010 when you will start Unit 2 (Exam) brief which is set externally.

For Unit 1 you will be expected to have:

  • At least 1 sketchbook
  • Project 1- a final piece, designed amd made using the Colour theme for inspiration
  • Project 2- a second final piece, designed and made using the Colour theme for inspiration

Your sketchbook should contain:

· Primary Research
o Drawing - in a variety of media, from life
o Photographs
o Written observations
o Rubbings
o Colour/texture studies

· Secondary Research
o Drawing - in any media, from an already recorded source
o Visits to appropriate exhibitions or other areas of interest. You should collect postcards, drawings, notes which should be mounted.
o Artist research inc. biographies and analysis of their work – techniques and contextual
o Analysis of secondary research
o Response to artists technique, creating work of a similar style

· Samples
o Of different textile techniques
o Of use of variety of different fabrics and materials

· Annotations – of all your own work and ideas

· Planning your Projects
o Statement of Intent
o Thumbnails showing design ideas
o At least 3 designs showing details of size, shape, format etc
o Creation of the final piece, clearly reflecting your development
o Show a relation to your chosen artist(s) but not copying or just stylistically borrowing

· Evaluation

o How your chosen topic relates to the theme
o Your original thoughts and responses to the theme
o How your preliminary research relates to the theme
o Your selection of artists and how their work/techniques relates to the theme
o How you responded to the artist and developed their style
o Your development. What you found easy/difficult. How it relates to theme
o How and why you chose your final piece
o How does your finished piece relate to your statement of intent